Exporter Success Stories

Read about the successes from the utilization of Food Export programs and services.

We have over 1,000 active suppliers participating in our programs who are finding success internationally by generating new export sales, establishing new distributorships, expanding their production facilities, and hiring additional employees. Read a few of our most recent supplier highlights.


Expanding Horizons: Black Swan Inc. Gains New Export Market

Uncover the story of Black Swan Inc. and how this BBQ Sauce supplier gained a new export market at a Midwest Buyers Mission.

Connecticut Company Earns New Export Market

Dickinson Brands secured its first sale to Mexico with support from the Branded Program

Food Export-Midwest Buyers Mission Helps Michigan Candy Supplier Gain New Export Market

Dive into the success story of Zolli Candy, America's fastest growing candy company!

Export Growth for Maine Harvested Seaweed Supplier

"The Branded Program is a great help for small businesses seeking to expand their international footprint. We would not have been able to do as much as we did without it."

Michigan Pickle Supplier Expands Exports to New Zealand With Food Export’s Branded Program

"With the funding available the activations we've been able to create have not only made great vehicles for the sales of McClure's, but it has also created a vital piece of the puzzle for the whole sales in New Zealand and has helped drive national supermarket ranging across our two national supermarket chains."

Nut Milk Supplier Gains First-Time Sale to Guatemala

Through their attendance at Food Export’s annual Caribbean and Latin American Buyers Mission, this producer of dairy-free nut milk products gained a first-time sale to Guatemala.

Branded Program Helps Grow Export Opportunities in Six Countries 

“Food Export Association of the Midwest has been a tremendous asset to our company, providing experienced, hardworking staff to help guide, answer and fulfill our needs the best possible way. They are always willing to navigate any issues, trying to get the best outcome for us and our partners.”   

From Vermont to Thailand

Discover how this Vermont-based company leveraged the Branded Program to boost their export sales and foster new foreign buyer relationships. This marks another successful chapter in their two-decade journey of global expansion!

Oklahoma Supplier Gains New Export Market After Buyers Mission Participation

Participating in Food Export's Natural Products Buyers Mission helped this supplier gain a first-time sale to the Panama market!