Seven Resources to Help Educate New Employees on Seafood Exporting

Check out these 7 free or low-cost resources and services that will help you as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes and export opportunities grow.

Some seafood businesses will be adding new staff as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes and export opportunities grow. Food Export–Northeast is sharing seven free or low-cost resources and services that will help get new employees up to speed faster.


Resources for Suppliers to Utilize When Onboarding New Employees

1.     Export Essentials Online

This online training course is great for anyone who is new to exporting–or needs a refresher. Learn the fundamentals and logistics of exporting seafood products. You can learn at your own pace on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. It’s sliced into eleven bite-sized video modules that can be viewed on demand, allowing you to pick and choose the topics that are most relevant and useful.  Modules include everything from how to use international terms of sale, to preparing commercial export documentation, or mastering international freight logistics. Each module comes with a mini quiz that helps evaluate understanding of the material, plus a wealth of additional resources that can be accessed to take a deeper dive on any topic. Check it out for free today.

2.     International Correspondence Tips

Fostering strong international buyer relations is critical for long-term success. This recent blog post provides tips so you can make the best impression. It covers everything from language/word choice, to how to properly format date, time, and telephone numbers.

3.     Food Export Helpline™

When questions arise about issues such as Free Trade Agreement compliance procedures, or if you’re looking at secondary market research for your products, the Food Export Helpline™ is a valuable resource. Food Export veteran, Dennis Lynch is a wealth of knowledge and can answer questions for export novices and experts alike. Utilize this free resource today.

4.     Webinars

Food Export–Northeast has created a variety of complimentary recorded webinars that cover everything from technical topics to (some) individual market questions. A few good introductory webinars include:

Webinars Screenshot

5.     Introduction to the Branded Program

For Branded Program participants–or those that simply want to learn more about how to use this unique cost-sharing program to extend their annual overseas marketing budgets –you can learn more about Food Export’s the program’s offerings and the reimbursement process in this explainer video.

6.     Virtual Consultations

If your employee has specific market questions, share the Virtual Consultation service with them. This service allows them to register for an online meeting with one of Food Export–Northeast’s In-Market Representatives (IMR). Questions can be submitted prior to the call and then our IMR discusses their specific questions one-on-one.

7.     Lead Qualification

Lastly, new hires may not be sure how to evaluate the quality of trade leads generated through your website or email. Food Export’s Lead Qualification service utilizes our IMRs to gain information about a potential customer so you are better prepared to evaluate their fit for your company.

We know that onboarding a new employee is time and resource intensive, so we hope we can help shorten the learning curve and ease the burden for you. If you have any questions about getting your new employees set-up for access to the above resources, please contact the Food Export liaison that covers your state. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about Food Export–Northeast’s work to support Northeast US seafood suppliers, please visit our website.

About Food Export USA – Northeast 

With its extensive programs and educational offerings, Food Export USA–Northeast (Food Export–Northeast) is recognized as the preeminent expert and cost-effective resource for Northeast seafood and agricultural suppliers looking to sell their products overseas. Founded in 1973, Food Export–Northeast is a non-profit organization that works collaboratively with its 10 member states’ agricultural promotion agencies from Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont, to facilitate trade between suppliers and worldwide importers and to promote the export of food, agricultural and seafood products from those states. Since its founding, the organization has helped Northeast seafood suppliers gain access to a broad range of export markets, supported overseas in-market educational and promotional programs and offers emerging suppliers access to funds to help grow their export business. The organization is funded through the Market Access Program (MAP), administered by the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service.

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