Promoting Your Seafood Products in Foreign Markets

Food Export-Northeast provides opportunities for you to find the right markets and the right buyers within a market. Our customized approach to international market development for seafood companies provides export success year after year. View informational brochure to learn more.

Comprehensive, New Oyster Research

Food Export USA-Northeast has utilized its network of In-market Representatives to conduct extensive in-depth market research to help Northeast oyster suppliers consider new markets and marketing opportunities. Several country/regional reports are available. Learn more.


Seafood Activities

Seafood companies have access to all Food Export–Northeast programs and activities. Our programs are designed to work together to help you achieve export success. They focus on educating you about the benefits of exporting, helping you explore and enter new markets and remaining successful and competitive once in the market. In addition to those we have a variety of custom activities to expand sales opportunities for your seafood products in Asian, European and Middle Eastern markets. See List of Seafood Activities >


Growing Northeast U.S. Fish and Shellfish Sales Through Generic Promotions

Exports play a vital role in sustaining the economic vitality of the northeastern United States seafood industry. Food Export USA–Northeast promotes the region’s seafood industry and seafood products to foreign markets around the globe. Learn about some of the generic promotion activities that we conduct on behalf of the seafood industry to help grow foreign market demand. Learn more.

Export Intelligence Video Series

Food Export's German seafood In-Market Representative Alexander Wever discusses market trends, opportunities and challenges for U.S. exporters.


Comprehensive, New Seafood Research

Food Export USA-Northeast retained Market Solutions LLC, a leading food marketing research firm, to conduct extensive in-depth market research to help Northeast seafood suppliers consider new markets and marketing opportunities. Five separate country/regional reports are available.


NOAA Seafood Inspection Services – Export Certification Guidance
The NOAA Seafood Inspection Program offers export certification services to facilitate exports of seafood products that meet the unique requirements of each importing country, and any other specific industry buyer criteria.


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Export Intelligence Video Series - Meeting Foreign Buyers

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