Marketing Cost-Sharing Program Gets a Boost

Find out how the Food Export - Northeast Branded Program can help U.S. seafood suppliers with offsetting the costs of their international marketing efforts.

Marketing costs are expensive and can limit a companies’ ability to build awareness and gain traction in new export markets. To help companies, we have a unique cost sharing marketing program called The Branded Program. To date in 2019, we have awarded nearly $1.1 million to 30 seafood suppliers through this program. Funding for The Branded Program had been tight in recent years, but with the recent infusion of the new ATP funding, we will have the opportunity to allocate dollars to more seafood companies and increase the level of funding for existing companies.

The Branded Program is an application-based, easy-to-use cost-sharing program designed to reimburse qualifying food companies up to 50% of their promotional and marketing costs. With the ability to stretch their export marketing dollars, seafood companies are able to think outside of the box and try new tactics to build awareness. To help inspire other companies who may be considering applying for this program, we wanted to share six ways participants are using the funds:

  1. Export Beginners: Some suppliers in industries that are only beginning to explore exporting, such as shellfish producers, have been utilizing funding to exhibit at the annual spring Seafood Expo North America Show in Boston.   
  2. International Trade Shows: Seafood companies are using the funds to explore new markets by exhibiting at international trades shows. The Branded Program can support 50% of the costs of exhibiting including booth rental costs, decoration, and materials shipment.
  3. Trade Missions: Lodging and airfare for two travelers can be covered for trade missions coordinated by Food Export–Northeast and other qualifying trade missions.
  4. Domestic Trade Shows: Some companies are looking at other non-seafood specific eligible domestic trade shows that have large international buyer audiences such as the National Restaurant Show.
  5. New Product Packaging: In an effort to find new marketing niches, some companies are looking at alternate packaging for products. The Branded Program can support the cost of design and production of one year’s worth of product labels or packaging when required by the importing government’s regulations.
  6. In-market Promotional Support: Seafood suppliers can support their existing importers with promotional efforts ranging from social media or advertising campaigns, to retail store promotions or helping their importer organize chef seminars to talk about the benefits of U.S. seafood products.

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About Food Export USA—Northeast

With its extensive programs and educational offerings, Food Export USA–Northeast (Food Export–Northeast) is recognized as the preeminent expert and cost-effective resource for Northeast seafood and agricultural suppliers looking to sell their products overseas. Founded in 1973, Food Export–Northeast is a non-profit organization that works collaboratively with its 10 member states’ agricultural promotion agencies from Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont, to facilitate trade between suppliers and worldwide importers and to promote the export of food, agricultural and seafood products from those states. Since its founding, the organization has helped Northeast seafood suppliers gain access to a broad range of export markets, supported overseas in-market educational and promotional programs and offers emerging suppliers access to funds to help grow their export business. The organization is funded through the Market Access Program (MAP), administered by the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service.

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