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Recorded Webinar “USMCA Rules of Origin”

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Event Date
January 1—December 31, 2024
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Dec 31, 2024

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In order to qualify your products for preferential tariff treatment under the United States, Mexico and Canada Free Trade Agreement (USMCA FTA) you must apply any specific rule of origin (ROO) under the agreement. This is required in order to legally sign the origin certification document and support the buyer’s duty-free customs clearance. Join us as we review the resources and steps to take in order to compete for export business under our newest FTA including:

  • USMCA Origin Vernacular
  • Usage of the Harmonized System (HS)
  • Locating the Legal Text of USMCA
  • Rule of Origin and Preference Criterions
  • Using “What’s My Tariff?” from the FTA Tariff Tool
  • Using the De Minimis Provision
  • Transaction Value and Net Cost Requirements

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