The Global Food Marketer: Navigating 2024 Global Trends in Shipping, Packaging, and Labeling

Key considerations when venturing into new markets

The ever-evolving landscape of international trade demands that U.S. exporters have a keen understanding of packaging and labeling standards. The June 2024 edition of The Global Food Marketer explores key considerations for U.S. companies looking to venture into new markets, how Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast can serve as a vital tool in navigating the complexities of global packaging standards, and more. 

Key Considerations when Venturing into New Markets 

This edition of The Global Food Marketer covers some important topics to be aware of when exploring a new market: 

  • Understanding Global Trends: From regulatory updates to evolving consumer preferences, it’s important that U.S. exporters remain ahead of the curve in understanding global trends. In this month’s newsletter, learn about recent developments like Health Canada’s recent Front-of-Package (FOP) labeling requirements and other regulatory amendments in South America and the European Union. 
  • Requirements for Translations and Terminology: Packaging regulations vary across countries, necessitating proper translation and presentation of mandatory information when venturing into a new market. Learn more about proposed regulatory changes on the horizon in the U.S. and South Africa that aim to enhance transparency, prevent misleading claims, and encourage healthier food choices for consumers.  
  • Cultural Considerations: It’s important to consider a prospective market’s diverse cultures and populations. As the world’s most populous Muslim country and largest halal market, Indonesia will make it compulsory for products to be labeled as either halal or non-halal by October 2024. Learn more about this new regulation here.  
  • Packaging & Labeling Trends: Growing concerns regarding health and sustainability are driving a shift in the packaging and labeling industries. U.S. exporters must align their strategies to meet the demands of health- and environmentally conscious consumers. Learn more about recent developments from these trends here.  
  • Utilizing Food Export’s Resources for Success: Exporters can leverage resources like Food Export’s Branded Program to navigate regulatory complexities and fund packaging updates to help them succeed in new markets. Learn more about enrollment in the Branded Program here.  

Country Profiles 

Explore the unique opportunities in key export markets. Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast leverage the expertise of its In-Market Representatives and the latest market data to help exporters understand the advantages and challenges of each region. This edition discusses Singapore, South Korea, and France. Read more to learn about top exports, trending products, and upcoming events in these countries.  

Product Highlights 

Plant-based products continue to gain popularity worldwide as consumers become more health-conscious or seek alternatives to animal-based products. Registering for events like the Plant-Based Food Buyers Mission at 2024 Plant Based World Conference & Expo can connect U.S. exporters with qualified international buyers in this sector. Learn about other trending products here.  

Meet Your In-Market Representative  

Leonardo Silveira from River Global has served as Food Export’s In-Market Representative in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru since 2017. With over 20 years of expertise, River Global serves as Food Export’s eyes and ears in the region, continuously reporting on up-to-date market trends and facilitating connections between Importers in South America and companies in the Midwest and Northeast. Learn more about Leonardo Silveira and River Global in the June edition, or tune into the Food Export Podcast to hear Leonardo’s insights on South American exports!  


Navigating 2024 global trends in shipping, packaging, and labeling requires adaptability and strategic planning. By leveraging resources like Food Export’s Branded Program and the expertise of Food Export In-Market Representatives, U.S. exporters can position themselves for success in the ever-evolving landscape of international trade.