Tap Into Research to Discover Potential New Export Markets

Learn more about Food Export's Market Builder program which is customizable and designed to provide valuable knowledge about a potential new international market for your product.

When you’re considering entering a foreign market, understanding the lay of the land is critically important before making any kind of major investment. Food Export–Northeast has extensive research that can help suppliers gain insights into how their product may perform in a variety of markets from Taiwan to the Middle East. Food Export’s Market Builder program is customizable and is designed to provide valuable knowledge about a product’s potential in a new international market.

Take Advantage of Market Builder to Understand a New Market Better

The Market Builder program has two components: Market Scan and Rep Finder. The two offerings look at the market opportunity from multiple perspectives and provide customized research on a specific product’s potential viability.

Market Scan provides in-depth market research for a specific product, including:

  • Store Check and Distribution Analysis: Offers the brand names, package sizes, regular retail prices, current price specials, and space allotments for similar products.

    Competitive Product Shopping: First-hand information on similar and competing products sold in the market.

  • Import Opportunity Analysis: Import regulations and restrictions affecting the importation of your product into a specific market.
  • Distributor Referrals: Importer feedback on package size, labeling, taste, appearance, price, and marketability.
  • Target Importer List: Includes names, contact information and summary of importers’ profiles.

Rep Finder
provides the opportunity for direct meetings between your company and a select group of targeted importers to better understand the market you’re thinking about entering.

The value of using the Rep Finder service includes access to In-Market Assistance that includes a minimum of three one-on-one appointments (should the market allow) will be arranged with participating companies and targeted importers. An In-Market Representative (IMR) will assist in communication, interpretation, and moderation of meetings, if desired.

The Market Builder program is offered for Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, the Middle East, Oceania, South America, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and Taiwan. To learn more visit Food Export’s website or get in touch with our Seafood Program Coordinator

About Food Export USA – Northeast

With its extensive programs and educational offerings, Food Export USA–Northeast (Food Export–Northeast) is recognized as the preeminent expert and cost-effective resource for Northeast seafood and agricultural suppliers looking to sell their products overseas. Founded in 1973, Food Export–Northeast is a non-profit organization that works collaboratively with its 10 member states’ agricultural promotion agencies from Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont, to facilitate trade between suppliers and worldwide importers and to promote the export of food, agricultural and seafood products from those states. Since its founding, the organization has helped Northeast seafood suppliers gain access to a broad range of export markets, supported overseas in-market educational and promotional programs, and offers emerging suppliers access to funds to help grow their export business. The organization is funded through the Market Access Program (MAP), administered by the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. Learn more about us and what we do for the Northeast seafood industry hereContact us.