Singaporean Chef Series Showcases Unique Ways to Prepare American Lobster and Scallops

Food Export-Northeast and our In-Market Representative from Singapore developed a series of videos and articles featuring delicious recipes for U.S. lobster and scallops featuring Singapore Chefs.

The Food Export–Northeast team and our Singapore In-Market Representative, Lieu Marketing, have developed creative programs to engage Singapore’s hotel, restaurants, and institutional (HRI) food sector. The goals? Encourage greater use of these products on local HRI menus and introduce more consumers to these tasty Northeast US seafood products, ultimately driving demand.

Recently our team worked with six well known chefs from across the Singapore HRI and Asia Cuisine magazine to develop a series of videos and articles featuring delicious recipes for these two popular Northeast US seafood products. The videos and articles in a recent issue of Cuisine and Wine Asia Magazine showcased six beautiful recipes developed by each chef, as well as their individual perspectives on why American lobster and sea scallops from the Northeast US are so unique in taste and menu adaptability.

Seafood Article 1

Seafood Article 2

Meet the Singaporean Chefs Who Loved Northeast U.S. Seafood

Shannon Batten, Executive Chef at Hilton Singapore, created a Pesto Rosso Lobster recipe using live lobster. In Batten’s video, he notes the high quality of American lobster and pays homage to the cold water of the Northeast US for the meat’s delicious taste. Watch Chef Batten’s video below.

Sam Chin, Executive Chef at VUE at OUE, presents his Chlorophyll Batter Shallow Fried American Lobster Tail recipe using live lobster. Chin goes through the process of preparing the lobster step-by-step and shows how to maintain its flavor from start to finish. Watch Chef Chin’s video below.

Partner Chefs, Giovanni Mannino and Kenneth Oh of Gattapardo Ristorante Di Mare, introduce their Lobster Ceviche recipe with cold buckwheat noodles. Watch Chef Mannino and Chef Oh’s video below.

Javed Ahamed, Chef at Punjab Grill Marina Bay Sands, shares his Tava sea scallops and coconut kefir sauce recipe, and gives a brief history of the rise in consumer interest of sea scallops over the last century. Watch Chef Ahamed’s video below.

Darwin Wong, Chef at Restaurant Beurre, demonstrates how to make his USA Atlantic sea scallop recipe with brown butter mousseline and potato espuma. Wong notes that sea scallops’ texture is what makes them so delicious. Watch Chef Wong’s video below.

Suhardi Huang, Chef for Wheatout Private Dining, highlights his pan-seared scallop with capers lemon butter sauce recipe, talking about how sea scallops are tender but firm with a delicious flavor profile. Watch Chef Huang’s video below.

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