Food Export - Midwest and Food Export - Northeast offer a series of educational webinars. Webinars provide up to date exporter intelligence for companies regarding specific markets, logistics, trade financing, documentation, how to meet and follow-up with foreign buyers and much more. Food Export’s webinars are complimentary to interested individuals.

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Webinar "Selecting and Managing Distributors During COVID-19" Aug 12, 2020 - Aug 12, 2020 N/A OPEN
Rules of Origin and Documenting Origin for the USJTA Aug 19, 2020 - Aug 19, 2020 N/A OPEN

Recorded Webinars

Dynamics of USMCA Origin Certification
Reassessing Market Strategies During A Pandemic
Supply Chain, Pivoting on Demand: Building Resiliency With Strategic Competencies
Adapting Payment Terms and Financing during COVID-19
Tracking Tariffs: The True Cost of Customs Clearance 
Developing Strategies for Export Pricing 
Export Essentials: How to Prepare for Meetings with Foreign Buyers - Updated January 2020
What's New? Incoterms 2020 
Tips and Tricks for Sample Shipments 
Export Essentials: Your Export Sale Checklist 
Export Essentials: Demystifying Letters of Credit
Export Essentials: Sharpen Your Approach to International Leads
Export Essentials: Understanding the NAFTA Rules of Origin 
Export Essentials: How to Complete the NAFTA Certificate of Origin 
Export Essentials: What's New: 2017 Changes to the Harmonized System and Schedule B 
Export Essentials: How to Select a Freight Forwarder 
Export Essentials: Working with a Freight Forwarder to Prepare your Export Shipment
Export Essentials: From AES to WTO: A Food Exporter's Guide to Important Terminology
Export Essentials: An Overview of Export Documentation for Food Products 
Export Essentials: Keys to Meeting Buyer Expectations
Export Essentials: Top 10 Food Exporter Mistakes
Export Essentials: AES – How to Complete the Electronic Exporter Information (EEI)
Export Essentials: The ABCs of Export Pricing
Export Essentials: The Letter of Credit Transaction
Export Essentials: An Updated Look at Using INCOTERMS
Export Essentials: Free Trade Agreements: How to Track Tariff Reductions and Quotas
Export Essentials: Protect Against Non payment with Ex-Im Bank 
Export Essentials: Pricing Your Products for Export Markets
Export Essentials: Navigating Food Export Requirements
Export Essentials: Online Resources for Export Market Research

How To: Series

Country-Specific Recorded Webinars

South Korea Update: The Impact of COVID-19 on Food Consumption
Mexico’s Vast Opportunities for Specialty, Technical & Functional Food Ingredients 
NOM 51: Upcoming Changes to Mexico’s Retail Labeling Regulations
USJTA: What The New U.S. - Japan Trade Agreement Means for US Exporters
Japan: U.S. Agriculture’s Third Largest Overseas Market
What's New in Peru
The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations – A Regulatory Overview
The Benelux
Brazil at 2040: Customer for U.S. Agricultural and Food Exporters
A Cup of Coffee in Asia - Trends in Japan, South Korea & Taiwan
Export to Warm and Friendly Waters: Consider the Caribbean
Growing the Brazil Market for Food Ingredients
Growing the Brazil Market for Feed Ingredients
Growing the Colombia Market for Food Ingredients
Growing the Colombia Market for Feed Ingredients
Growing the India Market for Food Ingredients
Growing the Mexico Market for Food Ingredients
Growing the Mexico Market for Feed Ingredients
A Practical Guide to E-Commerce in China
Hong Kong & Macau, Dynamic Markets for U.S. Exports
Japan: Market Updates and Consumer Trends
What's New in Korea: Market Updates and Consumer Trends
Retail & Private Label Opportunities in Mexico
Opportunities in Southeast Asia
A Fresh Look at the Mexican Market
An Overview of Canadian Packaging and Labeling Requirements
The Impact of the U.S. – Korea Free Trade Agreement
India: Opportunities and Challenges in a Promising Market
Why Brazil? An Inside Look at Latin American’s Largest Market
Tapping into the Chinese Market
Complying With The New EU Labelling Regulations

Other Exporter Education Recorded Webinars

Branded Program Recorded Webinars


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