Marketing Resource to Educate EU Shellfish Buyers About the American Oyster

The European Union trade ban for shellfish has been lifted, offering new opportunities for Northeast U.S. seafood suppliers, starting with Massachusetts, to grow their exports.

With the European Union (EU) trade ban for shellfish lifted, new opportunities for Northeast U.S. seafood suppliers (initially Massachusetts) to grow their EU export business now exist. An important first step in building this new market for American oysters is to educate international buyers on their superior value and unique flavor profile.

Food Export–Northeast has created a comprehensive online American Oyster buyers guide in eight (8) languages. Not only does the guide outline the superior value of the American oyster, but it also details growing and harvesting methods, as well as handling and traceability best practices. Buyers can download the guide in their choice language.

American Oysters

Additionally, buyers can view video content featuring industry experts, Barton Seaver, a renowned seafood chef and author, and Bob Rheault, Executive Director of East Coast Shellfish Grower’s Association. The videos cover the following topics (all can be watched by visiting the toolkit landing page):

  • Connecting US Oyster Farmers to International Buyers
  • American Oyster Flavor Explorations Part 1
  • American Oyster Flavor Explorations Part 2
  • Best Oyster Handling Practices

“The opening of shellfish trade between the US and EU is an exciting opportunity for many Northeast oyster growers,” said Colleen Coyne, Seafood Program Coordinator for Food Export–Northeast. “We encourage suppliers to use this online tool to educate overseas buyers and we hope suppliers find the buyer’s guide to be a valuable new addition to their marketing materials toolbox.”

Other Seafood Species Toolkits

To help Food Export–Northeast In-Market Representatives and suppliers engage with interested buyers, we have created comprehensive online toolkits for the following native seafood species, including:

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