Introducing American Lobster Products and Jonah Crab to Southeastern Asian Buyers

In July, Food Export–Northeast’s IMR for Southeast Asia, hosted a one-hour webinar on American Lobster products and Jonah Crab featuring Food Export’s seafood specialists.

Food Export–Northeast continues its efforts to acquaint buyers with the diversity of American lobster and Jonah crab products available for global tables. Though the impact of the pandemic continues to limit travel and trade gatherings, its In-Market Representative network is conducting online seminars for buyers, such as a recent seminar covering four Southeast Asian markets.

In July, Food Export–Northeast’s In-Market Representative for Southeast Asia, Lieu Marketing hosted a one-hour webinar on American lobster products and Jonah crab featuring Food Export’s seafood specialists Colleen Coyne and Emily Lane. The webinar was promoted to seafood importers in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand to further educate on two seafood products that have increased availability within the region due to the growth in processing and offer value and convenience to chefs. Each of the 32 registered webinar participants received advance links to Food Export–Northeast’s American Lobster toolkit and Jonah Crab toolkit. Additionally, each participant was encouraged to bring questions for Food Export’s seafood experts.   

American Lobster and Jonah Crab Webinar Overview

The presentation featured:

  • Introductions by Thomas Wee, Regional Director at Lieu Marketing Associates Pte Ltd.
  • A Northeast Seafood Program overview presentation by Colleen Coyne
  • American Lobster and Jonah Crab overview presentations by Emily Lane that included chef preparation videos featuring Barton Seaver, a well-respected seafood chef and author
  • A 15-minute Q&A session with Colleen and Emily

Barton Zoom

Following the virtual event, which was also recorded for those who could not attend in real time, buyers were asked about their interest in these products.

  • 65% considered the information new and useful to them
  • A few buyers indicated they were interested in importing American Lobster, specifically lobster tails, and Jonah Crab
  • The audience was most interested in learning about seafood trends, usage applications, and importing process to their home country
  • Malaysian attendees were curious if processed American Lobster and Jonah Crab are Halal certified

Since the webinar concluded, Food Export–Northeast’s In-Market Representative has followed up with the buyers who attended. As a result, three new trade leads for these products have been shared with seafood suppliers in the region. Additionally, the webinar was covered in Cuisine and Wine Asia. The goal for future online events like this one is to remain connected with the global seafood trade and increase awareness of the availability of these high-quality seafood products coming from the northeast US shores.

To learn more about these webinars and other Food Export–Northeast programs, get in touch or visit our website.


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