How to Submit a Branded Reimbursement Claim in 6 Easy Steps!

6 simple steps to help you submit a reimbursement claim through the Branded Program.

By Ciara Quattlebaum, Branded  Program Associate, Food Export – Northeast

If you are currently contracted in the Food Export-Midwest or Food Export-Northeast Branded Program, you are ready to submit your expenses for reimbursement!

Just follow the 6 simple steps below:

1. Access the Branded Program portal by logging into your Food Export account.

FE Login

2. Select the Branded Program tab to access your Branded related material.

3. Find the ‘Reimbursements’ box and click ‘Submit Reimbursements’ to open the submission page.


4. Follow the directions listed to ‘Add Reimbursement’.

5. Attach an itemized invoice, proof of payment, and proof of activity. Remember to include any additional documentation or comments that could be helpful to any reviewers.

**In case of technical difficulty, you may email documentation to your Branded Program team**

6. Submit you expense for reimbursement! 


Please keep an eye out for claim status updates in the weeks following your submission. Reviewers may reach out for additional documentation or clarifications that will complete your submission.

Generally, you can expect your reimbursement to be issued within 30 days of submission, this is only for claims that don’t require any follow-up. Reimbursement turnaround time will vary depending on the volume of activity in the program and time spent gathering compliant documentation. 

The Branded Program Exporter Manual is a great resource to use in this process.

As always, please contact your Branded Team with any additional eligibility and claim questions/ concerns.