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2024 Market Builder – Central America

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Event Date
November 1, 2023—November 1, 2024
Central America

The Benefits of Market Builder

Finding the right market and buyer for your product is the key to exporting success. This one-of-a-kind service offers custom packages designed to each exporter’s needs.

Market Builder provides flexible, customized research to help your company uncover new potential in international markets. It has two components: Market Scan and Rep Finder, which can be purchased together or separately.

Market Builder is offered in:

Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama

Market Builder Pricing Options:

  • MarketScan: $475
  • RepFinder: $575
  • Market Builder Package: $825 (Package includes MarketScan & RepFinder)

Market Scan

Market Scan provides initial, in-depth market research services for a specific product, including:

  • Store Check and Distribution Analysis: Offers the brand names, packages, sizes, regular retail prices, current price specials, and shelf space allotments for similar products.
  • Competitive Product Shopping: First-hand information and samples of similar and competing products sold in the market.
  • Import Opportunity Analysis: Import regulations and restrictions affecting the importation of your product into a specific market.
  • Distributor Referrals: Importer feedback on package size, labeling, taste, appearance, price and marketability.
  • Target Importer List: Includes names, contact information and a brief summary of importers’ profiles.

Get to know Tatiana Quiros and Debora Corado Conde, Food Export’s Central America In-Market Representatives

Countries Served: Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama
Mrs. Tatiana Quiros lives in Costa Rica and studied International Commerce at the University of Costa Rica. For
the last 10 years she has been working as the Contracted Representative for Central America for the California Table Grape Commission, California Pear Advisory Board, Washington Apple Commission and U.S. Potato Board. She also served as Marketing Assistant,
for the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, in the U.S. Embassy in San José, C.R from 1993- 1996. Mrs. Quiros’ main responsibilities for most of these contractors are visiting importers from Central America and increasing consumer
awareness, brand awareness, sales through in-store promotions and other activities that are effective in this market. She also elaborates on POS materials to be distributed among all these contacts as a way of supporting their imports.

Countries Served: El Salvador, Guatemala
Ms. Debora Corado Conde is the Manager of the ASSIST consulting firm. ASSIST is dedicated to devising, developing and implementing strategic business solutions in logistics and the organization of projects. Ms. Corado has a wide experience in sales
and service management. Her educational background is in business from Universidad Francisco Marroquin, a highly respected business school in Guatemala, specializing in marketing, business management and customer service. Ms. Corado is also a certified
English-Spanish translator by the Ministry of Education in Guatemala. Ms. Corado is the Latin American Representative for the Global Cold Chain Alliance and its core partners World Food Logistics Organization- WFLO, IART, IRTA & IACSC, organizations
dedicated to facilitating the communication, networking and education for the perishable food industry around the world.

Rep Finder

Rep Finder provides the opportunity for direct meetings between your company and a select group of targeted importers. These opportunities include:

  • Distributor Referrals: Importer feedback on package size, labeling, taste, appearance, price and marketability.
  • Target Importer List: Includes names, contact information and a brief summary of importers’ profiles.
  • In-Market Assistance: A minimum of three one-on-one appointments (should the market allow) will be arranged with participating companies and targeted importers. An International Marketing Executive will assist in communication, interpretation and moderation of meetings.

Products of Interest

Top U.S. products in demand:

  • Prepared foods
  • Poultry meet and products (ex. eggs)
  • Dairy Products
  • Pork and Pork Products
  • Processed vegetables
  • Fresh fruit
  • Chocolate and cocoa products
  • Snack foods
  • Beef and beef products
  • Condiments and sauces
  • Wine and beer

Preparation Assistance

Export Essentials Online

Whether you’re new to exporting or need to refresh your skills, this free online training course provides a comprehensive, flexible approach to learning the fundamentals and logistics of exporting.

Market Data

Get a head start with Market Intelligence Reports.

We have the market intelligence you need to make informed decisions to determine if this market is right for your products.

Complimentary Webinars

Our educational webinars provide up-to-date exporter intelligence regarding specific markets, logistics, trade financing, documentation, how to meet and follow-up with international buyers, and much more.

Export Success

Participants in 2019 Market Builder Reported:


Market Access Program (MAP) Funding

1st Time Export Sales

New Distributorships Established

New Distributorships Established

New Foreign Buyer Contacts

New Foreign Buyer Introductions

Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP) Fund

$3 Million
Projected Sales

Over $100k in New Export Sales

$391 Thousand
Actual Sales
Branded Program

Double your International Marketing Dollars

You may be eligible for up to 50% reimbursement on:

  • Advertisement
  • Marketing and promotions
  • International tradeshows
  • Public relations
  • International websites
  • Foreign market compliant packaging/labeling
  • And much more!