Driving Polish Interest in an “American Culinary Treasure”: American Lobster

Read all about how Food Export–Northeast was invited by the USDA/FAS Office of Agricultural Affairs in a special promotion of US foods in collaboration with the HORECA GASTROFOOD Trade Fair in Krakow, Poland.

Food Export–Northeast was invited by the USDA/FAS Office of Agricultural Affairs in a special promotion of US foods in collaboration with the HORECA GASTROFOOD Trade Fair in Krakow, Poland.  The two-day online event in late April 2021, called HORECA Krakow Culinary Discoveries of America, focused on highlighting American lobster, as well as US agricultural products, and is considered this year’s largest event for American food products in the Polish market. Overall, the Food Export–Northeast and USDA FAS Warsaw teams considered the event successful in driving interest in American lobster and helping Polish industry professionals understand the origins and attributes of Northeast US seafood products.

Polish seafood event

About the Culinary Discoveries of America Event

To encourage event attendance and generate interest from Polish foodservice professionals, the event was promoted heavily through flyers, Facebook events, and an event landing page as an opportunity to “discover the real culinary treasures of America […] with American experts, famous Polish chefs, and renowned influencers.” Attendees received a presentation made by leading Polish seafood importer representative, Anna Pawliszak Seamor, about American lobster products. Seamor answered questions in real-time about whole cooked frozen lobster and raw frozen lobster tails.

Polish Horeca

The event also featured five American lobster cooking demonstrations that are now available on YouTube and will continue to be promoted throughout 2021. Those videos currently have hundreds of views each and include demonstrations by:

The American lobster demonstrations and presentation were given a dedicated event space online that has been visited by hundreds of chefs.

Polish - American Lobster

Further results from the event include:

  • Attendance from 274 key culinary experts across the Polish HORECA sector
  • Lobster preparation demonstration event landing page views by over 250 chefs
  • Use of the Polish word “Homar” (lobster) by presenters and audience over 50 times during technical discussion and presentations
  • Event estimates expect over 80,000 views on materials by the end of July 2021

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