Collaborating with Industry Experts to Educate Foreign Buyers on Northeast US Oysters

Recently we collaborated with two Northeast oyster experts–Barton Seaver, a renowned seafood chef and author and Bob Rheault, Executive Director of East Coast Shellfish Grower’s Association–to develop new videos on oysters for international buyers and chefs.

In the past, Food Export–Northeast has partnered with subject matter experts to develop educational buyers guides on various seafood species, shoot videos highlighting the unique attributes of Northeast US seafood, and host trainings with In-Market Representatives around the globe. Recently, Food Export–Northeast collaborated with two Northeast oyster experts–Barton Seaver, a renowned seafood chef and author of For Cod and Country, and Bob Rheault, former shellfish farmer, industry expert, and Executive Director of the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association–to develop new videos on Northeast US oysters for international buyers and chefs.

Barton and Bob

The videos feature a conversation between the two experts on the unique flavor profile of Northeast oysters resulting from the merroir of each farm or growing area. Another video details the regulatory side of growing, harvesting, and handling US oysters, and includes tips for how international buyers should handle and store American oyster deliveries. 

“It’s always a pleasure to work with talented chefs like Barton Seaver, because they know how to bring out the best in our products,” said Rheault. “Our hard-working members take great pride in providing fresh, nutritious, sustainable shellfish, and it is always a treat to see how talented chefs can elevate the dining experience with creative recipes and preparations.”

The videos are part of a new comprehensive multilingual digital guide on American oysters that will be shared soon with Food Export–Northeast In-Market Representatives to help educate buyers and chefs in markets all over the world.

American Oyster Buyer's Toolkit

“Northeast US shellfish stands out in a crowded field for its sustainability, deliciousness, and story–and it’s little tools like these videos that can shine a light on these ingredients and provide a guide map or translation vehicle for Northeast US shellfish to earn their place on menus everywhere,” said Seaver.

To learn more about how Food Export–Northeast partners with subject matter experts to create educational resources, visit our website and learn more about seafood supplier support programs.


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