American Lobster Products Ready to Conquer the French Market

More than 30 chefs, importers, distributors, and journalists attended the American Lobster Products Culinary Masterclass and education session on November 21, 2022, at the acclaimed Albert de Mun School in Paris.

To raise awareness for American lobster products in France, which imports 66% of the seafood the country consumes, Paris was the final stop on the multi-country tour for Chef Barton Seaver and Food Export—Northeast Seafood Program Team Member Emily Lane. More than 30 chefs, importers, distributors, and journalists attended the American Lobster Products Culinary Masterclass and education session on November 21, 2022, at the acclaimed Albert de Mun School. 


(L-R) Albert du Mun Paris School Director Patrice Hauchard, USDA/FAS Paris Agricultural Counselor David Leishman, Albert du Mun Paris School Assistant Director Magdala de Baulieu Caussimon, Chef Barton Seaver, Food Export Seafood Team Member Emily Lane, Food Export In-Market Seafood Representative for Southern Europe Felipe Macías, and USDA/FAS Paris Marketing Specialist Laurent J. Journo celebrate a successful introduction of American lobster products to Parisian chefs.  Photo credit: Osmany Tavares

During this third stop of the tour, Chef Barton Seaver continued delighting attendees with his amazing culinary experience, creating delicious courses that put American lobster products at the center of the plate. Chefs tasted the variety of flavors and textures available from different parts of American lobster (tail, claw, knuckle, and minced meat), which led to discussion and questions about preparation techniques to gain inspiration for how to use the products in their restaurants. 

Below were the Paris tasting courses:

  • American Lobster Cotechino with Herbes de Provence and Pistachios with Salad of Pistachio, Persimmon, Jalapeño, Micro Cilantro
  • Smoked American Lobster Claws with Shaved Fennel, Endive, Red Bell Pepper, Radish, and Whipped Tahini Dressing
  • American Lobster Claw and Knuckle Ceviche with Red Onion, Toasted Sliced Almonds, Grapes, Ginger, Orange Zest, Cumin, Mint and Espelette Oil
  • Butter-Poached American Lobster Tail (coriander infused butter) Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Cilantro, Mole, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Guests were also treated to a detailed presentation by Emily Lane, an American lobster products expert. Her presentation highlighted the sustainability, value, and versatility of American lobster products. 


                                                                                                                             Photo credit: Osmany Tavares

Students from the Lycée Albert de Mun School were on hand to help Chef Seaver in the kitchen and had an opportunity to contribute to the event. They created French macaroons and baked delicious bread for the guests to enjoy. While students got hands-on-experience preparing food items for a high-end event, this next generation of French chefs were also able to learn about American lobster products from two incredible experts. 

Resounding Reviews 

The event was a huge success and chefs and journalists raved about the possibilities for American lobster products in the French market. Chef Jean-François Bury of Cabane started testing dishes with American lobster products soon after the seminar and shared his creations on his social media channels. 


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