Updates on the Branded Program Resources Page

On this edition of the Branded Program blog series, we highlight the three latest updates to the program's Resources page and introduce the new How-To Video Series.

It is said that “It doesn’t matter what resources you have before you. If you can’t use them, you’ll never succeed.” With this in mind, we have expanded our resources and developed a more thorough Branded Program Resources page on our website. Increasing our communication efforts allows us to go beyond the Branded Exporter Manual to convey all things Branded. This is a work in progress, and as such, we continue adding to the site and updating the content.

On the new and improved Resources page, we have consolidated key documents, manuals, learning guides, and fliers, making it a “one-stop shop.” Furthermore, we’re extending the arsenal in our “tool kit” with video tutorials and recorded webinars, a claim examples section, and a new FAQ segment. The goal is to provide easily accessible tools to help our participants understand the process more seamlessly.

Branded Resources Page
Expanding the Video Library

Food Export has been working diligently to build a bridge to digital learning. For instance, we produced the video series, A Conversation with the Branded Program: Repurposing Expenses, that homes in on the various eligible expenses a company can claim, like social media advertising, video production, and search engine optimization strategies.

We have also launched the How-to Series, a revamped version of our video tutorials. These tutorials take participants step-by-step though the different stages of the Branded Program, from Pre-Qualifications to Evaluations. The latest tutorials include How to Submit a Pre-Qualification and How to Submit an Application, with more to come as we are actively building on the series.

Food Export also offers numerous pre-recorded webinars, instructional blog posts, and monthly tips, which will be available on the Resources page as well.

The Claim Examples Section

In addition to the video library, the Resources page now includes the Example Claims section. This serves as a visual guide to the most common claims we see during the year. The section shows different types of claims a company can submit with examples of the claim documentation that the Branded Program requires in order to do reimbursement.


A New FAQ Section

Not only have we highlighted the many FAQs featured in the Branded Program Manual, but we have also updated this section by adding new questions and reorganizing them according to themes. This is the place to find quick answers for a variety of queries.


There is wealth of information on the Branded Resources page, and we encourage you to check it out!

Do not forget to apply for the 2023 Branded Program before December 31st, 2022 to ensure a full year of eligible activities!

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