The Food Export Podcast is Back!  

Food Export 101 with CEO Brendan Wilson

Welcome back to the Food Export Podcast. In this episode, Food Export 101, Food Export CEO/Executive Director Brendan Wilson gives a brief overview of Food Export-Midwest and Food Export Northeast and how the organizations empower U.S. suppliers in their export journey. Dive into the latest trends, regulations, and strategies shaping the global export market, and hear real stories of U.S. brands that have found success by utilizing Food Export’s services.  

Food Export Overview  

Food Export-Midwest and Food Export Northeast are two non-profit organizations that aim to empower small- and medium-sized businesses to sell their food and agricultural products internationally. Brendan delves more into how Food Export supports these companies by simplifying success, enriching international exchange, and realizing resources through partnerships with the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service and 23 member-state agencies. Listen to learn more about Brendan Wilson, his journey at Food Export, and how the organization strives to live by its mission. 

Empowering Exporters 

Many companies seeking to expand their exporting efforts struggle due to a lack of expertise and resources. Because of this, Food Export heavily emphasizes its Exporter Education program. These free resources allow companies to enhance their exporting readiness, help produce greater results, and navigate the ups and downs of business cycles. In this episode, learn more about offerings like the Export Advisor program and Export Essentials Modules. 

Market Entry  

Food Export’s Market Entry services provide a cost-effective method for new and experienced exporters to meet qualified buyers and participate in domestic or overseas tradeshows. This helps suppliers build essential relationships and find the right market for their products before expanding overseas. 

Suppliers can also tap into the expertise of Food Export’s In-Market Representatives through virtual consultations to better understand different international customer bases and how to position their products effectively. 

Branded Program 

Financial risk is one of the most significant barriers for companies looking to export their food and agricultural products. To offset this, Food Export’s Branded Program provides 50% cost reimbursement for various, eligible international marketing activities to better empower companies selling products in foreign markets. In this episode, learn more about the Branded Program and other impactful strategies for your exporting efforts. 

Real Stories, Real Impact 

Explore inspiring success stories of companies like BNutty and how Food Export’s support in their journey to export healthy, gourmet peanut butter helped bring meaningful impact to the business and the local community. Since 2014, this woman-owned, Indiana-based peanut butter company have grown from a home kitchen to a 48,000-square-foot facility and are happy to share that Food Export has helped them expand into 13 countries. Learn how this Inc. 5000 company leveraged the Branded Program, Exporter Education, and matchmaking services to fuel its ongoing success in this episode. 

Products, Channels, and Markets  

Food Export works with U.S. companies that produce value-added, processed agricultural products. Learn more about the diverse range of products that thrive in the export market and the channels they utilize to bring their products to consumers internationally. 

While Canada, Mexico, China, and the EU remain the dominant markets for U.S. exports, businesses are encouraged to diversify their export portfolio and explore emerging markets to expand their reach. 

Global Trends 

This episode discusses rising industry trends and the benefits of global perspectives for innovation in food exports. Learn how sharing knowledge across cultures trickles down to food, packaging, and consumer-oriented products. 

Upcoming Events & Conclusion 

Connect with Food Export at upcoming events like Seafood Expo North America, Natural Products Expo West, and FOODEX Japan and learn how Food Export can help you jumpstart your export journey. 

The Food Export Podcast will be your bi-monthly guide to expanding your knowledge and expertise in food exports. Tune in to explore the ever-evolving landscape of international trade and gain the tools for success in the global marketplace.