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Module 1 – Exporting the Time is Right
This course is designed to help small and medium-sized companies understand the processes involved in exporting consumer-oriented, value-added food products. If you are considering exporting, have not exported in some time, or are currently exporting and would like to learn about more opportunities, you will find that the modules in this course offer you a helpful and informative path.

Module 2 – Classify Your Products for Export

The first step in the export transaction involves classifying the products using the harmonized system (HS). This system is an international commodity coding system that most countries use to classify their products.

Module 3 – Use Market Research for Competitive Advantage
The second step in the export process involves identifying the target market(s) and then narrowing down each market into market segments. Based on export statistics, the exporters can then begin working on the countries with the most potential.

Module 4 – Take Advantage of Free Trade Agreements
The next step involves finding out about the U.S. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Trade Promotion Agreements (TPAs) and their impact on U.S. food and agricultural exports. Learn the steps involved to export to a FTA or TPA market.

Module 5 – Price Your Products for Export Markets
This section involves examining export pricing and quoting, both from within your company to develop an export pricing strategy, and externally as represented by the "landed cost" to the buyer. Common export pricing strategies for value-added food products is presented.

Module 6 – Use International Terms of Sale
This section involves understanding and using the pro forma invoice in the quotation process as part of a response to a potential buyer’s inquiry and to quote the export price to the buyer for a particular shipment.

Module 7 – Master International Logistics
This section reviews various distribution systems available for exporters. It includes identifying the parties involved in the international shipping transaction. An overview of international shipping documentation is included as well as packaging goods for export, including consolidation.

Module 8 – Navigate Export Regulation
This section analyzes the regulatory systems and documentary requirements for exporting food and agricultural products and discusses the most common questions in this area. Agencies responsible for specific products are presented, along with resources on finding market-specific requirements.

Module 9 – Prepare commercial Export Documentation
This section involves understanding the complete and accurate preparation of the required paperwork, such as shipper’s letter of instruction, customs and consular invoices/pre-shipment inspection, certificate of origin for general use, bill of lading, and packing list.

Module 10 – Get Paid for Your Export Sales
This section examines the ways that companies are paid for and finance their exports and assists with developing appropriate payment policies and procedures. This section also covers government supported export financing.

Module 11 – Prepare for Meetings with Buyers
This section provides resources that you can use to prepare to meet with International Buyers. The section will cover selecting the right buyers, preparing for meetings, best practices, materials to have on hand, meeting expectations and following up on leads.

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