Meet the Pets of Food Export!

This week we are going to introduce you to some of the pets of Food Export staff members! They have all made many surprise guest appearances in our video meetings for the past 6 months and we now consider them to be an integral part of the team.m

We have all been spending a lot more time at home this year.  Especially for the Food Export – Midwest and Food Export – Northeast teams who have been working from home since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in early March.  And more time at home means more time with our pets!

So this week we thought it would be fun to take a break from our regular blogs and introduce you to some of the pets of Food Export staff members! They have all made many surprise guest appearances in our video meetings for the past 6 months and we now consider them to be an integral part of the team.

Interested in learning more about some of our upcoming Pet food and Pet food ingredients activities? We’ve highlighted some at the end of this blog, click here to skip ahead.


Food Export Pets

prince and simba

Names: Prince and Simba

Owner: Apryl, Liaison, Food Export – Northeast

Fun Fact: Prince loves everyone and being the center of attention. His favorite thing to do is to investigate new items, especially delivery boxes. Every box is a place to sit.

Simba is shy but sweet. Simba loves to chase any bug but only to intently watch, he does no harm.

Name: Flora

Owner: Suzanne, International Marketing Program Manager, Food Export – Northeast

Fun Fact: Until working from home because of the pandemic Suzanne had no idea that Flora regularly practiced yoga!


Name: Myla

Owner: Haley, Branded Program Coordinator, Food Export – Northeast

Fun Fact: Myla plays fetch and can do a variety of tricks on command including standing like a meerkat, sitting, laying down and turning in a circle.


Names: Pierogi (Dachshund mix) & Melon (Alexandrine parrot)

Owner: Paul S, Liaison, Food Export – Midwest


Fun Fact: Pierogi was surrendered to a Chicago shelter, and since then has lost almost half her body weight, from 30lbs to 18lbs! Her hobbies include sleeping, running around the countryside, and barking at inanimate objects.

Melon was found outside with a broken/missing toe just prior to the 2019 polar vortex in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.  Hobbies include screaming, flying in circles, and mumbling to himself.

Name: Moogie

Owner: Mike H., International Marketing & Branded Program Associate, Food Export – Midwest

Fun Fact: Moogie’s favorite thing to do is visit the bellhops at the Park Hyatt Chicago Hotel.  He walks past them twice a day on walks and every time he gets close he starts shaking like crazy and sprints up to them for pets and treats.  It is the strangest but also most adorable thing.

Joey and Chandler

Names: Joey and Chandler

Owner: Sarah, Communications Coordinator, Food Export – Northeast

Fun Fact: Joey and Chandler are brother guinea pigs.  Joey is definitely the troublemaker of the two, while Chandler is just along for the ride.  They love eating all the hay and veggies they can get and spend most of their days napping.

Dozer and Deisel
Names: Diesel and Dozer

Owner: Maddie, International Marketing Program Coordinator, Food Export – Northeast

Fun Fact: Diesel and Dozer are brothers and their favorite things to do are swim, eat “cookies” (treats) and carry around their “babies” (stuffed animals).

Sherlock and WatsonNames: Jillian, Sherlock, Watson

Owner: Mike W, IT Manager, Food Export – Midwest

Fun Fact: Mike has had Jillian, picture below, for 17 years! She can no longer hear and is a grumpy old lady when she doesn’t get her way.


The brothers, Sherlock (darker) and Watson (lighter), are a mix of domestic cat and Maine Coon that were adopted back in January. Sherlock is more of the serious lay-about cat that stalks Mike wherever he is in the house, while Watson is the explorer and they see him from time to time when he comes to visit from the basement.



Owner: Matt, IT Support Specialist, Food Export – Midwest

Fun Fact: Fred is a Turkish Angora, around 8 years old now.  He has a very unique personality where he enjoys letting you think he wants your attention then swiftly breaks your heart minutes later after her runs away from you.

Two of his favorite things to do are full sprints around the house at 3am and jumping on people’s beds to meow in their face and then leave.


Name: Bella

Owner: Casey, International Marketing Program Associate, Food Export – Northeast

Fun Fact: Bella likes to say hi to everyone that she passes by on walks. If Casey doesn’t let her say hi, she’ll stubbornly sit down and refuse to move.


Name: Luna

Owner: Paul W, Liaison Manager, Food Export – Midwest

Fun Fact: Luna is three years old and is some kind of a terrier mix.  Her favorite things to do are lay around on furniture she’s not supposed to be on, sit right next to the 1 ½ year old as he eats, and protect the house from the mail man and other menacing delivery drivers.


Name: KrayFee

Owner: John W., Deputy Director, Food Export – Northeast

Fun Fact: Krayfee hails from Silver Lake in Pennsylvania. Did you know that Crayfish shed their entire exoskeleton and grow a new one 10 times in their first year of life!? The process is called molting.

LukeName: Luke

Owner: Michelle, Deputy Director, Food Export – Midwest

Fun Fact: Michelle literally adopted Luke and brought him home for the first time yesterday! She says that after only one night he has taken over the house like he has lived there for years!

Upcoming Pet Focused Events

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