Stay Informed: The Global Food Marketer Returns 

Educating & Enriching News of Global Food Markets

Welcome back to the Global Food Marketer! Food Export is thrilled to announce the triumphant return of the bi-monthly newsletter, now in a new digital format. After a two-year hiatus, Food Export decided to bring back this resource to further empower and enrich U.S. suppliers on their food export journey. This edition explores the latest trends and global projections shaping the industry. From export market updates to upcoming events, Food Export is committed to equipping you with the necessary tools to unlock long-term global growth for your business. 

In this Edition: 

2024 Global Food Trends & Export Market Insights 

Today’s consumers are more informed and discerning than ever before. With growing awareness of environmental, geopolitical, and ethical impacts surrounding their eating habits, they seek transparency and sustainability in their food choices. This edition also explores the implications of recent geopolitical events and climate patterns on the international food system, including fluctuations in energy, fertilizer, and food prices due to strains on production and transportation.  

Success Stories 

Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast have more than 1,000 active suppliers participating in their various programs. Discover how these suppliers are finding success by establishing new distributor relationships, generating new export sales, and expanding their brand awareness in international markets through Food Export’s Branded Program and Buyers Missions.  

Country Profiles 

Explore the unique opportunities in key export markets. Food Export leverages the expertise of its 19 In-Market Representatives and the latest market data to help exporters understand the advantages and challenges of each region. This edition discusses Japan, Brazil, and Nigeria, each of which are strong markets for U.S. consumer-oriented food products. The Country Profiles are valuable for new and experienced exporters looking to expand their reach.  

Product Highlights 

Discover which products are poised for success in international markets. The Product Highlights utilize the latest industry data from popular export markets to provide insight into market demand and potential opportunities for exporters in the Midwest and Northeast. Explore emerging trends in seafood, dairy products, alcoholic beverages, and food preparations and ingredients in the latest edition.  

Commodity Trends 

Emotional investment can be a powerful motivator in the growth and resilience of commodity product markets. Despite global economic fluctuations, the demand for luxury pet food remains stable as consumers prioritize their pets’ well-being. This presents an opportunity for exporters to tap into an expanding market that remains resilient during periods of economic hardship.  

In other news, as the seafood industry experiences a surge in demand due to growing consumer awareness surrounding the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and demand for protein-rich diets, sustainability remains a key driver to ensure the ongoing success of seafood exports.  

Upcoming Activities 

Stay informed with the Global Food Marketer and explore training webinars, upcoming events, and other opportunities to build connections and maximize your export growth. Look for Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast at upcoming global events like the Frozen Food Buyers Mission at 2024 AFFI-Con, Seafood Expo North America, Natural Products Expo West, and more.  


As the Global Food Marketer makes its comeback, Food Export remains committed to educating and enriching small- and medium-sized companies with valuable resources to support their export journey. Stay tuned for future editions packed with information on export markets, trends, global projections, and country export profiles.