Get to Know the New Faces at Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast

Help us to welcome the 6 new team members joining Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast!

We’ve had a busy few months of on-boarding new staff members at Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast!  With recent turnover, promotions, and preparing for the upcoming Agricultural Trade Promotion Program we’ve hired 2 new full-time employees in Chicago at Food Export-Midwest and 3 new full-time employees in Philadelphia at Food Export-Northeast.

Get to know a little bit of background and some fun facts about the new faces at Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast below!



Lauren Kliethermes – Liaison

Lauren graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Journalism.  She developed marketing experience as the Digital Media Specialist at Missouri Press Association in Kansas City and has strong customer service skills.  Her interest in Food Export stems from her agricultural background and international travel experiences in New Zealand and Europe.

Favorite Food:

  • I will eat almost everything so I don’t have a favorite food per say. I do want to say that Kansas City BBQ is some of the best in the world. The foods I avoid are sushi and anything even remotely spicy.

Favorite TV Show or Movie:

  • I’m a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy fanatic so some of my favorite movies include Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, which is what inspired me to study abroad in New Zealand during college. I am also obsessed with Game of Thrones and can talk about it for hours. And yes, I did read the books before watching any of these shows and movies.

Fun Fact

  • In September 2017 I left the United States and traveled abroad in Europe. In 4.5 months I traveled to ten different countries. My favorite was being able to see the blend of cultures, the unique differences between each individual country, and walking through all of the beautiful holiday markets. As a history fanatic, it was a life-changing experience to explore WWII historical sites, learn about what happened to these countries during the war, and how they rebuilt their lives and cities.
  • I also love reading sci-fi/fantasy books. My recent obsession is a series called The Expanse, but I’m always looking for recommendations!

What are you most excited for about working at Food Export-Midwest?

  • I am most excited to help our suppliers network and make those connections for international sales. I’m also excited to start traveling and hopefully one day travel to a foreign market for a trade show.


Michael Hamrock – Program Associate

Mike is currently an intern in our International Marketing Program in Chicago, and will be joining us on a full time basis following his graduation from Loyola University with a degree in INFS and International Business this December.  His role as Program Associate will be shared between the Branded Program and the International Marketing Program.  In addition to English, Mike also speaks Mandarin, which he was able to develop during a semester abroad in Beijing.

What is your favorite food?

  • Would probably have to be my Grandmother’s homemade Pittsburgh style Haluski and Golabki.

What is your favorite tv show or movie?

  • The Big Lebowski

What is a fun fact about yourself?

  • I can play 4 instruments and I’m always spending my free time mastering more.

What are you most excited for about working at Food Export-Midwest?

  • I’m most excited to continue working with great people at Food Export and to be able to contribute now as a full-time employee! Also, I must say I’m really looking forward to the first time I get to travel abroad.



Madison Smith – Liaison

Maddie graduated from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Food Marketing and International Business.  At Saint Joseph’s her coursework included Food Marketing Research, International Food Marketing, and Global Strategic Planning.  Madison brings outreach and recruitment skills from her internships at 21st Century Staffing and eLeadCorp.

Favorite Food:

  • My favorite food is definitely sushi. If I could, I would eat it for every meal.

Favorite TV Show or Movie:

  • Grey’s Anatomy is my all-time favorite!

Fun Fact:

  • A fun fact about myself is that I love black and white film photography! One time my photos were displayed in an art show!

What are you most excited for about working at Food Export-Northeast?

  • I’m most excited to build great relationships with the suppliers that I will be working with and to be able to travel!


Apryl King – Liaison

Apryl began honing her skills in international trade as Research Associate at the Maine International Trade Center (MITC) before becoming a Food Export – Northeast intern at MITC. She is now joining our Philadelphia office in the role of Liaison. She is a recent graduate of the University of Southern Maine where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Business Administration.

Favorite Food:

  • My sweet tooth does not allow me to answer anything normal like pizza. My favorite food is dessert crepes with fruit.

Favorite TV Show or Movie:

  • Madam Secretary

Fun Fact:

  • Before moving to Philadelphia, my hobby was setting up firework shows as a pyrotechnician.

What are you most excited for about working at Food Export-Northeast?

  • Helping companies export their products, and trying the products of course!


Haley Dack – Branded Program Associate

Haley graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Food Marketing.  She previously worked at InstaMed where her work as a Network Relationship Management Associate afforded her great experience in customer outreach and on-boarding.  She also has internship experience with Pinnacle Foods, the Greater Pascack Valley Chamber of Commerce and Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty.

Favorite Food:

  • Pasta

Favorite TV Show or Movie:

  • 30 Rock

Fun Fact:

  • I did sign language club in elementary school (but I don’t really remember any signs).

What are you most excited for about working at Food Export-Northeast?

  • I’m most excited about learning more about the food industry and supporting companies in their export endeavors!