From the Branded Program: Travel Requirements

In this instalment, learn about requirements to claim reimbursement for travel.

By Veronica Wade, Senior Branded Program Coordinator, Food Export-Midwest

Attending a trade show is a way for businesses to market to the public and promote their products. Participants will also find many companies, buyers and exhibitors all under one roof.  

Traveling to an international trade show can be a stressful experience. Participants must manage flights and possible delays, track the shipment of products, endure long days walking the trade show floor and evaluate possible leads. And it doesn’t end there. After returning home, it’s time for the drooling task of submitting paperwork for reimbursement.  

Here are a few tips to make the process of claims submission run smoothly: 

  • Submitting the paperwork upon return. We recommend submitting the expenses within 30 days after the event ended. This makes it easier for participants to gather additional documentation when requested by the Branded Team. 
  • Flights are eligible.  
    • However, participants must fly with a U. S. airline (apart from inter-region flights and some European Union airlines). 
    • Travel dates must fall within a reasonable window around the trade show and fly in and out of the same city.  
    • The ticket must be coach, economy or main cabin. If purchasing a different type of ticket, provide a cost comparison quote. 
    • If planning to stay longer or arrive sooner, provide a cost comparison quote. The flight must be on the same airline and arrive and depart from the city where the trade show took place.   
  • Hotel nights are eligible. A hotel folio or an itemized receipt requested at the time of your check-out must be included. This is a REQUIRED document if you’re staying at the hotel. We cannot reimburse you if this document isn’t provided. The confirmation booking page or search engine booking is not sufficient documentation.  
  • Bookings through rental platforms (for example, Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) are eligible for reimbursement with documentation showing the nightly rate and completion of the stay. This kind of receipt can usually be obtained through the property’s website.   

To learn more about travel requirements, read the Branded Travel Guide 2024 ( 

As always, if you have questions about submitting claims or documentation, please contact your Branded Program Team.