From the Branded Program: Technical Seminars

This month we discuss technical seminars and the different components of this activity that are eligible for reimbursement.

By Katie Labarge, Branded Program Coordinator, Food Export-Midwest

Organizing a seminar or educational training can be a great way to introduce international customers to your products, demonstrate different uses and applications, or educate a new buyer or distributor and their team. This can be especially important if you have technical products or ingredients.  

Seminars can focus on education, demonstrations, or even sampling your products, and many expenses related to this activity for an international audience are eligible for reimbursement through the Branded Program. 

We can help with the following expenses: 

  • Venue rental, including equipment rental. 

*Note: we cannot reimburse for food or drink

  • Creation, translation, and duplication of literature and marketing materials, including signs, and banners.  

*Note: All printed materials, signs, and banners must include a USA origin statement. 

  • Hourly/daily rate for contract workers, such as a chef or translator (for materials and/or on site). 

*Note: We can reimburse up to the maximum hourly/daily rate. For 2023, the maximum rate is $73.20/hour and $585.60/day (historical rates can be found here). 

  • Supplies needed for sampling your product(s).

*Note: Samples themselves are not reimbursable.

  • Freight for samples.

If you have any questions about using the Branded Program for a seminar, please reach out to the Branded Program team.