From the Branded Program: Favorite Claims

Take a look at some of the Branded Team's favorite claims.

By Eoin Tierney, Branded Program Associate, Food Export-Northeast

In 2022, Branded Program participants in the Northeast and Midwest utilized over $17 million in funds to assist with their foreign marketing and exporting costs. Many of the common types of expenditures that can be reimbursed by the Branded Program are trade show booth expenses, shipping samples, advertising, and media campaigns. The Branded Program processed more than seven thousand reimbursement claims in 2022, and at the end of the year there were a few claims that stood out from the others.

  • Tripple Crown BBQ Sauce

Acme Organics dba Triple Crown BBQ Sauce utilized the program to help with the costs of running social media influencer blog posts in South Korea. The influencers created meals using the sauce as an ingredient and showcased the entire process on social media, from receiving the product, to prepping and cooking the meal, and showcasing the finished product.

  • Black Infusions

Black Infusions was new to the program in 2022 and saw immediate success with utilizing the program to cover the cost of exhibiting at the Nightclub Bar and Restaurant Show in Las Vegas. They promoted their Dirty Shirley canned beverage as well as their line of fruit infused vodkas. They were also able to attend this show and generate many potential leads largely thanks to their participation in the Branded Program

  • Banza

Banza LLC also utilized the program to offset the cost of exhibiting at trade shows. One claim that stood out was for their booth at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. The company purchased two separate booths at the show, using one for interacting with buyers and generating leads, while the other functioned as a pizza café where they distributed samples of their chickpea-based pizza.

  • Blackwood Pet Food

Giveaway items are also reimbursable through the Branded Program, up to a certain cost. Giveaways are a great way for suppliers to increase brand awareness in a market of interest. Blackwood Pet Food utilized the program for stuffed animal keychain giveaways in China, South Korea, and Taiwan. Not only is this a great way to promote the brand, but it’s pretty cute too!

There are many other outside-the-box and creative ways for companies to utilize the program. 2022 presented a unique opportunity for some companies to advertise their products at the World Cup in Qatar. One company, for example, ran a series of radio ads during the matches, while another took the chance to do in-store-displays in supermarkets around Qatar to reach the increased international audience. There’s a myriad of way in which the Branded Program can benefit your company!