Brand Permission Form

What is the Branded Program's Branded Permission Form and do you need to include it in your 2023 application?
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By Molly Burns, Branded Program Manager 

Are you an export trading company? 

Do you supply ingredients for a private label brand? 

Do you manufacture product for a private label brand? 

Then this blog is for you! When your company applies to the Branded Program, you’ll need to complete a Brand Permission Form. This form provides exclusive rights for your company to obtain Branded Program funding to promote the brand in a particular export market. We require this form because: 

  1. We don’t allow double-dipping, i.e., more than one company using funds to promote a brand in a particular market. This includes companies who obtain MAP or ATP funding from other sources like SUSTA or WUSATA. 

  1. Brand owners must approve your use of funding to promote their brand. Please note that we reserve the right to release the name of your company to any brand owner that disputes your authorization to use Branded Program funding to support their brand. 

This form pertains to a brand owner’s authorization of another party to utilize Branded Program funding to promote their brand in a particular export market. It does NOT indicate exclusivity, i.e., whether your company has exclusive rights to sell a product in a foreign market. 

Excerpt from Brand Permission Form:

Brand Permission Form Snippet

A few pointers: 

  • You must complete this form for all brands you do not own listed in your application.

  • You must complete this form every year you participate in the Branded Program.

  • Under “Countries”, list out all the countries where you plan to use Branded funding for that brand, whether one market or 20.  

  • “Manufacturer, Packer, or Agent” is your company, the Branded Program participant.

  • “Brand Owner” is whoever owns the brand name: the manufacturer, retail store, etc. 

This form must be signed by the brand owner for each branded product and must be on file with Food Export before the marketing activities take place. You can email or mail the completed forms to us. Food Export will not contract with your company if we do not have your Brand Permission Form(s). 

Finally, are you using funds to support your importer’s brand? Learn more about this in previous  blog posts here and here

Let us know of any questions regarding this form. We look forward to supporting your marketing efforts!