Beyond Tradeshows: Remote Ways to Promote Your Product Internationally and Get 50% Back!

Find out 5 ways you can utilize your Branded Program funds without leaving the country, or even your house!

In a time when we are all searching for new and creative ways to promote our businesses without traveling, Food Export wants to remind you of some marketing activities that are Branded-eligible, which do not have to do with a trade show or face-to-face meeting! See below for 5 ways to utilize your Branded Program funds without leaving the country, or even your house.



Different forms of advertising are a great way to get your brand’s name out into the world, and many advertising techniques are Branded Program eligible, as long as they are directed toward an international audience. Eligible advertising expenses include magazine, trade journal, or other publication advertisements, promotional literature or materials (including brochures, sell sheets, posters, banners, and give-away items), as well as in-store gondolas, aisle endcaps, and other retail displays.

If your preferred ad mediums are more on the digital side, including video, radio, or podcasts, the Branded Program can also reimburse for those expenses! This may take the form of a product feature in a cooking video, a plug in a podcast, or a straightforward advertisement on any of these mediums. Keep in mind, for your proof of activity you must submit a broadcast or distribution list to show the international audience.

Public Relations campaigns are another great way to get the word out. These tend to differ a lot depending on the market, but can include PR campaigns, or press/media kits.

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 Website, Online Advertisement & Promotion

There are a LOT of options when it comes to online marketing and websites. The good news: if it’s international, it’s probably Branded Program eligible!

Some eligible expenses that fall under this category are:

  • The cost of  your domain, maintenance, translation, new banners, landing pages, and more for a website specifically targeting an international audience
  • Social media advertisement including product plugs by influencers or KOLs, Facebook ads, a social media manager to plan and design your posts, a Facebook, Instagram, or other platform page dedicated to an international audience
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) costs
  • Banners or advertisements for your product placed on another website (Amazon, Momo, etc.)

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*This is not a comprehensive list; if you’re placing an online advertisement that you think may be eligible for reimbursement, ask the Branded team! We’re here to answer your questions.



 Foreign-Compliant Packaging & Labeling

In many markets, labeling and packaging regulations can change quickly, or drastically. Instead of shouldering the full cost, let the Branded program help you. Packaging and labeling made to comply with regulations in the targeted export market are also eligible expenses. Other eligible associated costs are translation, graphic design, plates, and labor costs.

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Stickers put on top of existing labels to make them comply with a country’s regulations are also eligible. As always, all labels must have an approved U.S. origin statement.

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 Sample Shipments (a.k.a. Freight for Samples)

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that the Branded Program documentation requirements are tedious, then this is the expense for you! Freight costs for shipments of product samples to an international market are eligible for reimbursement, and the only documentation we need is your invoice from the shipper showing the international destination, and your proof of payment. 


  Let’s Get Creative!

Have you held or considered a virtual version of an event that would usually be Branded Program eligible? Have you been invited to participate in a virtual tradeshow or showcase? Times of uncertainty lead to creativity, and we want to think outside of the box as much as you do. If you have new ideas or modified versions of existing activities that you think should be eligible, let us know!

Have questions? You can always get in touch with your Branded Program contact or email and