3 New Initiatives to Help Suppliers Seize Global Growth Opportunities

Our website and brand look a little different now. Learn about our 3 new initiatives to help U.S. suppliers continue to grow new international export opportunities!

With 95% of consumers representing two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power outside the U.S., Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast are committed to unlocking international growth opportunities for agriculture and food suppliers in key global markets.

The vast knowledge and proven programs established here in the U.S. have enabled the accelerated growth of our Midwest and Northeast food products across the globe. Since 2012, Food Export suppliers have achieved nearly $8 billion in export sales. Working together, we have successfully increased the global demand for innovative, quality, and safe U.S.-based food and agricultural products.

As markets evolve, so does Food Export. We are continuously seeking new ways to better serve exporters in the Midwest and Northeast, and importers in key international markets, making it possible for them to identify and seize opportunities and better prepare them to react to shifts in the global marketplace.

It is more important than ever to have a focused effort and clarity of purpose, as new markets open and economies grow. We are excited to share three new initiatives to assist suppliers in fueling long-term export growth:

1. A New Approach to Our Brand

We updated the look and feel to the brand to ensure we continue to be relevant and recognizable. The logo is cleaner, simpler, and designed to be digitally friendly to deliver a consistent brand presence with every interaction across all communication platforms. And our new tagline makes it clear how we help our companies: Food Export. Your Connection to Growth        

CMYK Full Color - FE Joint Logo Tagline

2.  A New Program Guide

With our refreshed Program Guide, our suite of proven business-building programs has been made more user friendly for entry-level and seasoned exporters to get started with the programs and resources that are right for them.

Program Guide Cover

View the new Program Guide here.

3. A New Website Experience for Our Suppliers

We heard our suppliers loud and clear that the website was often hard to navigate and explore, making some of our most effective programs underutilized. Our website is arguably the most-used tool among our suppliers and international buyers. Recognizing that critical role, the new Food Export website, will load more quickly, allow for more personalized experiences, and most importantly be easier to use the many expert resources and programs that Food Export offers.


So, go ahead, explore the new Program Guide, Brand Identity, and website to see how you can better access Food Export programs and use these tools to further grow your export sales.