Focused Trade Mission to Mexico for Feed Ingredients

Focused Trade Mission to Mexico for Feed Ingredients

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Focused Trade Mission to Mexico for Feed Ingredients

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May 21, 2019 - May 22, 2019

Guadalajara, Mexico

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Mexico has a striving and modern industry for the production of, what in Mexico is called, balanced animal feed. Balanced animal feed and pet foods are edible products that provide added nutritional functions or enhancements, often related to health promotion, disease prevention and/or the improvement of the appeal and performance of conventional animal feed products.

Given the complexity and maturity of the Mexican market, its geographical dispersion and the large number of players in the market, from the gigantic multinational conglomerates to the small regional processors, distribution is the most important factor in the success of selling US animal feed, pet food and their ingredients in Mexico. American suppliers should consider working through one or more experienced local distributors who know the market well, have strong connections to the end user, are capable of keeping an inventory of products and have a strong logistical infrastructure and, most of all, have a knowledgeable and well trained technical workforce capable of providing professional technical support, helping customers with their formulations and generating innovative applications. Additionally, US firms need to be fully committed to a long-term investment in developing the Mexican market through a local partner by providing the needed support and visiting the country on a periodical basis.

Registration Deadline: April 5, 2019 - $400

Services May Include:

  • One-on-one meetings with qualified buyers
  • Pre-event custom product research
  • Market briefing by local USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service and industry tour
  • Product table top showcase and trade reception
  • Interpreter
  • Translation of up to 2 pages of materials to Spanish
  • Inclusion in Trade Mission brochure containing your company profile, contact details and products lines
  • On-site assistance by Food Export's In-Market Representative
  • Identifying top leads

Monday, May 20: 
Arrival to Guadalajara from the USA

Tuesday, May 21
Market Briefing and FIGAP Seminar
Farm visit

Wednesday, May 22
Trade networking reception
One-on-one meetings

Thursday, May 23
OPTIONAL: Travel to Cancun for APPAMEX Conference

Friday, May 24: 


Best prospects for US suppliers:

  • Grains in general, but in particular yellow corn
  • Soybean meal
  • DDGs: these are very variable, and imported products are more standardized and therefore more attractive to the Mexican industry
  • Cotton seed
  • Meals and flours of vegetables, such as beet, carrot, potato and other starchy vegetables
  • Pro-biotics and pre-biotics 
  • Functional ingredients and microingredients
  • Yeast
  • Pet foods, particularly premium and super-premium products for dogs and cats
  • Aquaculture feed

Country Profile
Get a head start. We have the market intelligence you need to make informed decisions to determine if this market is right for your products. Access in-depth country specific data and research now.

Export Intelligence Video Series
Get insight into the Mexican market for exports with In-Market Representative, Raul Caballero's assessment on trends, how to be successful and more.

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Mexico Buyer Looks to Us for Wisconsin Dairy Products
Between 2009 and 2013, Flavor Consultants, Inc. attended four of Food Export-Midwest’s Food Ingredients Trade Missions to Mexico on behalf of several food ingredient suppliers, including First Choice Ingredients, Inc., located in Germantown, WI.

Flavor Consultants and their Mexican distributor (which they found during one of the early trade missions) met with key Mexican food manufacturers. According to Tim Wallace, President of Flavor Consultants, “Food Export’s trade missions are our favorite marketing tool. Trade missions are a very focused, laser beam approach to marketing overseas.  The services and meetings are targeted to Flavor Consultants’ needs in that market and offer us much better results than traditional tradeshows.”

While in Mexico, Food Export’s In-Market Representative, Raul Caballero, helped Flavor Consultants and their distributor uncover business opportunities that neither Flavor Consultants nor their distributor understood even existed. Wallace said, “Going to Mexico with Food Export’s trade mission and being in that environment, lends legitimacy to my business and to the experience. Food Export’s Mexico representatives know the market. They invited and set up the meetings with absolutely great customers. Our subsequent sales show that the In-Market Representatives got the right people there to meet with us.” 

In 2014, Flavor Consultants made a sale of First Choice Ingredient’s dairy, butter, and cheese flavors worth more than $75,000, with sales growth expected in 2015. Flavor Consultants’ overall food ingredients sales due to Food Export’s Mexico events topped $1 million in 2014.

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Read about the success companies have attained by participating in Focused Trade Missions.

New Video Presentation: Growing the Mexico Market for Feed Ingredients

Raul Caballero, Food Export’s Mexico In-Market Representative, discusses the following topics and more during this presentation. Follow this link to view presentation.*

  • Market Overview
  • Market Assessment
  • The Feed Market in Mexico
  • Production of Feed and Pet Food
  • Apparent Consumption of Balanced Feed
  • Apparent Consumption of Pet Food
  • Mexico’s Pet Food Market
  • Balance Feed Business Structure
  • Demand for Feed Ingredients/Additives
  • Market Share by Country and Product Type
  • Opportunities for U.S. exporters
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Why attend the Focused Trade Mission to Mexico for Feed Ingredients

In-Market Representative Raul Caballero discusses the feed ingredient industry in Mexico and the benefits of participating in the Focused Trade Mission to Mexico for Feed Ingredients.


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