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Consumer Feedback Program at National Women's Show - Toronto

Registration Deadline
Dec 31, 2022

National Women’s Show, Toronto, Ontario, Canada | November 4 - 6, 2022

Complimentary program is made possible through Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP) funding.

Have ambassadors sample your product to create brand awareness & collect valuable consumer feedback to help generate export sales. Each participating U.S. company will be showcased & sampled with the purpose of deriving valuable market intelligence in a cost-effective manner. The results will provide valuable data for both U.S. exporters & potential Canadian buyers.

In addition, the sampling creates consumer awareness about the products along with driving sales for those products already in the market. Participants will have an opportunity to ask up to five survey questions to the consumer on their product ranging from pricing, packaging to taste preferences. 

What products can participate?

U.S. products with at least 50% U.S. agricultural content by weight.
Products lines can include shelf stable food products, confectionery, snack food and non-alcoholic beverages. Heated products may be considered only if it can be heated in a crockpot.

To register for this year’s program:

Register for free through Food Export’s website then fill out the registration form (to be supplied by Food Export)

Choose one SKU to sample during the show. Surveys will collect feedback about this product.
You may select up to 5 questions of your choice to have surveyed. Want to know what consumers think about the taste? packaging? price point? claims on the package? It’s up to you!

Provide enough tasting samples to serve 500 people. (ie. 1 jar jam = 100 samples) Sampling supplies will be provided. Your full product line will be showcased at our event to create brand awareness. Surveys will be conducted electronically. A report will be generated with the results. A brochure will be distributed showcasing your company, product, website & where it is available in the Toronto market if applicable.

Final details to participate:

  • Complete registration form by September 18, 2022 (opportunity limited to 15 companies)
  • Provide print quality logo (EPS or High-Resolution PDF)
  • Samples must arrive by October 21, 2022
  • Shipping instructions to follow upon registration
  • Participants will not travel to the show


Canadian Retail Landscape & the Importance of Brokers

About the Show

The National Women’s show is an annual event that takes place in Toronto, ON. This year’s event will run November 4-6, 2022 at the Metro Convention Centre in downtown Toronto. This consumer show has over 800 exhibitors showcasing products and services geared towards women. It is an excellent venue to reach over 35,000 attendees, predominantly women who attend the show. Overall, the attendees are educated women in middle to upper income brackets. The show has a food section where a number of food companies exhibiting at the show has grown significantly as it’s an excellent way to launch products or create brand awareness to this target audience. 

For companies investigating the Canadian market, this initiative creates an opportunity for consumers to provide feedback about their product to help determine whether Canada is a good market for them, create awareness and gain valuable feedback to use for the companies to secure brokers, distributors and retailers.


*This opportunity has been provided by funding through Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP) funding provided by the Foreign Agricultural Service, USDA to help promote new U.S. food products in the Canadian market. This complimentary opportunity has a value of $5,000. Survey data can provide valuable feedback to understanding the Canadian consumers’ perception of your product & create brand awareness. This consumer feedback may also help provide extra leverage with product introductions to the retail trade to obtain listings. Results may also be able to help you tweak your product for the Canadian palate or indicate packaging design preference.

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