First-Time Export Sale to Australia for New York Supplier

In 2018, Good Noodles Inc. dba Sfoglini Pasta, located in West Coxsackie, New York, in the 19th Congressional District, participated in Food Export – Northeast’s Market Access Program (MAP) funded Branded Program.

With fund utilization, the New York Supplier completed a strong advertising campaign, shipped samples, and produced promotional items to increase brand awareness in Australia.

Promoting their Sfoglini brand noodles with Branded Program funds helped the company earn a first-time sale to the market in 2018 with sales over $30,000 while also gaining a new buyer contact and new distributorship. The company also projects to complete $30,000 more in sales over the next twelve months.

Sfoglini Pasta uses traditional Italian techniques as well as fresh, local American ingredients and grains to produce their wide variety of fresh and dried classic Italian style organic pastas. Their signature offerings include sixteen organic durum semolina pastas and a series of New York State grain pastas.

The New York based supplier has utilized Food Export’s programs and services since 2016 utilizing the online Export Essentials, the Online Product Catalog, attending webinars and Buyer’s Missions while also participating in the Branded Program.

Food Export uses funding from the Market Access Program (MAP) to help America’s small businesses increase their exports of food and agricultural products. As these exports increase, these small businesses are creating jobs and improving the strength and stability of our agricultural economy. Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast are non-profit organizations that work in collaboration with their member state departments of agriculture and the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. They offer a wide range of programs and services that help boost America’s agricultural exports.  

New Distributorships Established
New Market - First-Time Sale to a Market
Branded Program Utilization Success

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