Buyers Mission Introduces Cape Cod Oysters to Singapore

Aquacultural Research Corporation (A.R.C.), located in Dennis, Massachusetts, plays a vital role in local and regional shellfish communities by providing the highest quality shellfish – from spawn to table – to growers, distributors, chefs, and reef-builders across the USA.

Developing sales to foreign markets is a new initiative. In 2020, they landed their first sale of oysters to Singapore due to participating in Food Export - Northeast’s annual United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Market Access Program (MAP) funded Seafood Buyers Mission.

The Seafood Buyers Mission is usually an in-person event that Food Export - Northeast’s network of in-market representatives’ worldwide vet and nominate seafood buyers who have genuine purchasing interest in specific northeast seafood products. Those foreign buyers are brought to Boston, where they receive product education and then meet with northeast seafood suppliers. With travel an impossibility in 2020 due to the pandemic, the activity took place virtually in September.

A.R.C. made their first shipment of oysters to Singapore two months later. The buyer bought Wellfleet and Barnstable oysters and took samples from nine other nearby towns and farms. According to Chloe Starr, Farm & Wholesale Operations Manager, “Now that I’ve gotten through the learning curve of figuring out how to ‘speak’ international shipping, I feel like we’re ready to ship anywhere!”

Food Export uses funding from the Market Access Program (MAP) to help America’s small businesses increase their exports of food and agricultural products. As these exports increase, these small businesses are creating jobs and improving the strength and stability of our agricultural economy. Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast are non-profit organizations that work in collaboration with their member state departments of agriculture and the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. They offer a wide range of programs and services that help boost America’s agricultural exports.

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