Growing Northeast U.S. Fish and Shellfish Sales Through Generic Promotions

Exports play a vital role in sustaining the economic vitality of the northeastern United States seafood industry. Food Export USA–Northeast promotes the region’s seafood industry and seafood products to foreign markets around the globe. Below are some of the generic promotion activities that we conduct on behalf of the seafood industry to help grow foreign market demand.

Educating Foreign Buyers

We create educational materials to provide foreign buyers with the technical information and specifications they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

We place educational advertorials in leading trade publications to effectively communicate to foreign buyers how fish and shellfish suppliers from the Northeast are experienced in reliably providing top-quality seafood products to buyers worldwide.

We conduct technical seminars to create awareness for the variety of fish and shellfish products available from the northeastern U.S. and to instill buyer confidence for sustainably managed resources that offer value and profitability.

Introducing and Expanding Seafood Purchases Through Food Service and Retail Partnerships

We regularly conduct food service and retail promotions on behalf of the seafood industry to support the introduction and/or expansion of Northeast U.S. fish and shellfish purchases by foreign buyers.

Encouraging Menu Placement Through Chef Education

We support culinary demonstrations and competitions to encourage chef interest and to provide hands-on experience using fish and shellfish products from the northeastern U.S. The resulting recipes and media attention surrounding these events also spur additional chef and consumer interest to further pull U.S. seafood products into foreign markets.

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