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Food Show PLUS! at Gulfood 2018


Feb 17, 2018 - Feb 22, 2018

Location: Dubai, UAE

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Connect and Drive Sales
Established over 25 years, Gulfood has a well deserved reputation among exporters for delivering spectacular return on investment. For the exporter seeking new sales from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, Gulfood provides a trade and sourcing platform without equal, where international flavors find world-class business. Benefit from the region's premier knowledge exchange from education, training, competitions & live events.

U.S. exports of U.S. agricultural products to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC-6) members (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (or UAE), and Saudi Arabia) increased 1% to nearly US$3 billion in 2016. U.S. exports of consumer food products dropped 10% in 2016 and totaled nearly US$1.7 billion, which was 56% of the agricultural total. This partner group is a solid importer of U.S. processed foods, totaling US$1.2 billion, a decline of 2% from the prior year. 

Show Information & Exhibition Booth Contacts

USA Pavilion Contact: Hovaguim M. Kizirian, Agent / Coordinator,

Early Registration: November 24, 2017 - $225

Registration Deadline: December 8, 2017 - $350

Our Food Show PLUS!™ service at Gulfood is limited to suppliers headquartered in the Midwest and Northeast regions. Suppliers from outside Food Export – Midwest and Food Export – Northeast regions may register, but will be placed on a waitlist.  Any open slots not filled by Midwest or Northeast suppliers by the final registration deadline will be filled by those from other regions on the waitlist in order of their registration date.

Services Include

  • Introductions to qualified buyers 
    • When major buyers visit the US Pavilion at the show, Food Export's In-Market Representative will personally bring them to the booths of Food Show PLUS! participants. Due to the size of the show pre-scheduled appointments are not available.
  • Targeted invitations to buyers
    • Invitations are sent to the GCC food trade in the In-Market Representative’s extensive database through a mailing and an e-mail campaign advertising the presence of the participants, their contact details, products and booth numbers.
  • Market briefing by local USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service
    • This will be offered on setup day at the exhibition center. Dubai municipality personnel will also provide an additional presentation on the GCC regulations on food and beverage imports. Further, an official from the US Consulate General in Dubai will provide a briefing on the latest regulations on exporting US food products to neighboring countries.
  • Local retail tour
    • Participants will be taken to tour a number of the leading supermarkets in the Dubai area in order to understand the dynamic retail environment. Provided on setup day right after the market briefing and it is highly recommended to attend. 
  • On-site show assistance by Food Export's In-Market Representative
    • Food Export’s In-Market Representative and staff will be available at the Food Export booth during the whole duration of the show to assist participants.
  • Post-show lead qualifications
    • The In-Market Representative will sit down with participants throughout and after the show to review and qualify their sales leads. You will be able to execute your follow up much more efficiently and effectively with this assistance. This is a privilege that the other exhibitors do not have. 

Additional Services ($50 per selection, no cap on number of services)

  • Booth assistant during show hours
  • Translation of up to two pages of exhibitor material into Arabic
  • Store checks: Pre-event report with brand names, packages, sizes, pricing, for products similar to yours
  • Follow-up assistance: In-Market Representative will craft messages and send to your top prospects in order to facilitate your post-show follow up.


Top U.S. products in demand:

  • Almonds (shelled)
  • Condiments and sauces
  • Halal poultry meat and beef (chilled and frozen)
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Confectionery products
  • Snack foods
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Fresh apples and pears
  • Edible oils
  • Cheese
  • Sweetners
  • Beverage bases
  • Fruit and vegetable juices
  • Pet foods
  • Rice

Restricted and/or Unsuitable Products:

  • Pork
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gelatin of pork
  • Products containing pork
  • Products containing alcohol, poppy seeds, hemp

Country Profile
Get a head start. We have the market intelligence you need to make informed decisions to determine if this market is right for your products. Access in-depth country specific data and research now.

Export Intelligence Video Series
Middle East In-Market Representative, Hovig Kizirian, discusses what's happening in the market. From the re-exports of imported products and competition in the market to the facts behind Halal certification and documentation, you can find the details you need to be successful in the market.

Be Prepared. Take Advantage of our Complimentary Webinars
We offer a series of educational webinars. Webinars provide up to date exporter intelligence for companies regarding specific markets, logistics, trade financing, documentation, how to meet and follow-up with foreign buyers and much more. View available webinars.

Food Export Helpline™
Even the most experienced exporters have questions from time to time. Whether you are new or a seasoned exporter take advantage of 1-1 support through the Food Export Helpline™. Learn more.

Whitehall Specialties Builds Presence in Middle East
In February of 2015, Whitehall Specialties, located in Whitehall, Wisconsin, in the 3rd Congressional District, attended Gulfood 2015 in Dubai and utilized Food Export’s Food Show PLUS!™ services. At the event, their booth was overwhelmed with activity as they met hundreds of qualified buyers from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Jordan, Algeria, and the United Arab Emirates. As a result, the first export occurred early in March to Amman, Jordan, selling $50,000 worth of product.

Whitehall Specialties offers a wide variety of non-standardized cheese types, including cheese products, cheese blends, substitute cheese, and imitation cheese. They are committed to supplying customers with healthy, functional, low-cost products that meet their unique needs.

Kris High, Vice President of International Sales, stated that “Food Export services are valuable because they have the relationships in the region and they connect us with qualified buyers.  That can be a challenge for a small company.” Their strategies for success in the Middle East Market were twofold.  First, they were able to maintain compliance with halal certification, and second, their focus goes beyond transactional sales.  They listen to their customer needs and view all relationships as long term, seeking out strategic partners.

Get Your Share!
Read about the success companies have attained by participating in Food Show PLUS!TM.

Branded Programs

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