Food Show Plus!

Food Show PLUS! at Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria 2021

Event Date
Oct 18, 2021 – Oct 20, 2021
Guadalajara, Mexico
Registration Deadline
Aug 18, 2021
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Showcase Your Company and Products Without Traveling

EXPO ANTAD & Alimentaria 2021 is Mexico's and Latin America's largest food and supermarket show. Mexico continues to be one of the largest and fastest growing markets for U.S. agricultural products. With the geographical advantage of a long land border and an FTA that has virtually eliminated duties on all agricultural and food products, Mexico is a natural market for U.S. exporters.

In 2018, Mexico passed China to once again become the 2nd largest market for U.S. agricultural products from the U.S. With the geographical advantage of a long land border and a Free Trade Agreement that has eliminated duties on all agricultural and food products, Mexico is a natural market for U.S. exporters.

Additionally, Mexican consumers recognize U.S. brands and labels and associate them with high, consistent quality and value. Most international tourists visiting Mexico are North Americans and, to a large degree, like to consume products they are used to buying at home. Major retailers are developing increasingly sophisticated distribution systems, which will provide more space and better cold chain technology for high value imports. Greater knowledge about organic products is opening new product opportunities at the retail level; likewise, increased awareness of obesity issues is creating greater demand for healthy products. 

U.S. Food & Agricultural Product Imports to Mexico, By the Numbers

  • U.S. Consumer-Oriented Foods - US$8.9 billion (2018)
  • U.S. Processed Foods - US$6.1 billion (2019)

By the year 2024, Euromonitor projects the retail sales in the packaged food market in Mexico is expected to reach US$72.9 billion, a growth rate of 29.6%, or US$16.6 billion.

Food Show PLUS! Showcase Walkthrough

Products of Interest

Top U.S. products in demand:

  • Processed Vegetables & Pulses
  • Prepared/Preserved Seafood
  • Food Preparations
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Processed/Prepared Dairy Products
  • Prepared/Preserved Meats
  • Processed Fruit
  • Distilled Spirits & Other Alcoholic Beverages
  • Dog & Cat Food

Food Show PLUS! Services Provided

  • Introductions to qualified buyers: ANTAD is the largest food show in Mexico and that drives the traffic of all the importers, distributors and buyers of food from the retail segment in Mexico. Food Export's IMR will take advantage of this situation and as they become present in the pavilion, introductions will be made. In addition, the IMR will reach out with exhibiting importer/distributor to invite the executives of business to come meet the USA companies at their booths.  
  • Targeted invitations to buyers: Participant’s brochure will be sent in Spanish to the IMR's entire database. The brochure will be part of an HTML invitation that will be sent through email. The invitation will promote the visit to the pavilion and will also invite buyers to request a specific time and date for a one on one business meeting.
  • Market briefing by local USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service: Coordination with the local FAS-USDA offices for the presentation of a market brief. This market brief will also include a presentation of the current labeling regulations affecting retail food products. A question and answer session will be possible.
  • Local retail tour: Retail tour to visit the main supermarkets. The stores that will be visited include and are not limited to Wal-Mart Supercenter, Sam’s Club, Costco, Superama, Chedraui and City Market (from LaComer Supermarkets who are the former owners of Comercial Mexicana).
  • On-site show assistance by Food Export's In-Market Representative: IMR staff will be at all times at the booths, during setup and during the trade show for any need that participating companies might have.
  • Post-show lead qualifications: The IMR will be able to interact with the USA company and to revise the list of prospects obtained during the trade show to make recommendations. [Recommendations from IMR are based in opinions and recent experiences with the companies recommended. Each company representative is fully responsible to judge business engagement.]

        Additional Services Available

        ($50 per selection, no cap on number of services)

        • Dedicated interpreter/ assistant at your booth during show hours
          • The IMR will be able to help contract interpreters (who can serve as booth assistants) upon request. If additional “demonstrators” need to be contracted then that can be arranged, but companies will be responsible for paying the demonstrators directly in cash.
        • Professional translation of marketing material into Spanish (up to two pages)
          • Translation of brochures or spec sheets into Spanish. If the information is provided in high resolution PDFs or similar, it will be possible to deliver in the same format. This service does not include design.
        • A pre-event report ("Store Check") with brand names, packages, sizes, pricing, for products similar to yours
          • You may want to learn more about products that are currently being sold in the Mexican market. A store check service will allow you to know products, manufacturers and pricing. IMR will be able to provide in one service a visit to three different supermarkets and check up to eight products if these are available. 
        • Personalized follow-up assistance with your top prospects after the show
          • After the show, the IMR will be able to write or translate a follow up letter for the use of the US participating company.

          Preparation Assistance

          Mexico Country Profile

          Get a head start. We have the market intelligence you need to make informed decisions to determine if this market is right for your products.

          Complimentary Webinars

          Take advantage of our educational webinars providing the latest exporter intelligence for companies regarding specific markets, logistics, trade financing, documentation, how to meet and follow-up with foreign buyers and much more.

          Food Export Helpline

          Even experienced exporters have questions from time to time. Whether you are new to exporting or a seasoned exporter, you can take advantage of one-to-one support through the Food Export Helpline™.
          Branded Program

          Double Your International Marketing Budget

          You may be eligible for up to 50% reimbursement on:

          • Exhibition fees and set-up charges
          • Equipment and furnishings rental
          • Design, creations, and construction costs for a temporary booth
          • Select travel expenses
          • Advertising
          • And much more!

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